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{My Favorite GIF Animations!}

{My Favorite GIF Animations!}

There is something so fun and whimsical about GIF Animations (Graphics Interchange Format file: a graphic image on a Web page that moves). It’s nice to not take yourself too seriously!

Don’t get me wrong, I take my job very seriously. After all, I only have ONE day to capture all the moments, the memories, the details, and all the feels. It can be a lot of pressure, but when paired with the right couples (and of course I only work with amazing couples!) they are ready to let go of the reigns and try something fun. When given the opportunity I enjoy LOVE making these quirky little animations. I don’t care if they ever go out of style, it’s super fun creating and then piecing them together. Even the simplest of actions can make for a great GIF. And I won’t lie, I get a chuckle every time I watch them (over and over again!).

So, for your viewing pleasure, I have collected a TON of my GIF’s from the last two years (over 30!). There is a mix of engagement and wedding day animations, some very simple and some more complicated. Some made with a tripod (the ideal way) and some handheld (a little shaky but you gotta use what you got). I have to warn you, there is a lot of movement in this post so scroll through slowly. If you follow me on Instagram (and if not~ you really should! @MaypoleStudios) you may have seen a few of these but certainly not all of them. Sit back and enjoy!

Molly+Kyle red heart











0125 2
















Bride+Groom Confetti 2




Molly+Kyle wedding party






{Inna+Adam- Beach GIF Love}

{Inna+Adam- Beach GIF Love}

What a pair! These two are undeniably cute… congrats Inna and Adam on your upcoming wedding!


{Kristy+Matt: Harlem Shake and GIF Love}

{Kristy+Matt: Harlem Shake and GIF Love}

Just a little teaser… when you have a gigantic bridal party why not have some fun? Or in this case… a LOT of fun!

Congrats Kristy and Matt!



And then things got a little crazy…



Marriage Mondays- You are what you eat

Marriage Mondays- You are what you eat

I still remember the lyrics to a song I was taught back in the 4th grade: “you are what you eat, from your head to your feet, so be sure to eat food that’s good for you…” Of course we all know we should eat our vegetables, try to buy organic and non-GMO, avoid the fast food (we all watched “super size me”, right?), etc. etc. Luckily we have many chefs and restaurants making the extra effort to not only introduce delicious ingredients to the masses, but also use local farms and local produce for their dishes. Even when shopping at Whole Foods you can’t see how the food was handled before you brought it home, how long it sat on a truck and how far it traveled, and much of that beautiful fruit was flown in from other countries (not much of a small carbon footprint when jumbo jets are involved). So why not get on board with the “farm to table” movement? Yes, the selection is smaller and dependent on what’s in season, but if the food gets to you faster because it’s local then it is fresher and better for you. As a wedding industry professional it’s awesome to see my favorite caterers abiding by these “farm to table” principles, working hard to offer creative and delicious menus while using local farmers and producers. One of these is Pure Kitchen Catering, they are amazing. With it being January I figured many of us are making resolutions to eat better and healthier so why not share some photos from a photo shoot I did with Pure Kitchen? I photographed a couple of their dishes, they created a lovely tabletop, and a few models posed for us too, all at Room 1520. (See below for details)

Fleur donated some flowers for the table…

Behind the scenes…

Desi was teasing some hair.

Micaela (make up) and the other girls gave some input.

And that photo was used for their full page ad in the 5th Anniversary edition of CS Brides- awesome!

Photoshoot for: Pure Kitchen Catering, www.purekitchencatering.com
All food prepared by Pure Kitchen Catering
Location: Room 1520, www.room1520.com

Photography by Bethany Fritz of Maypole Studios Photography
Makeup: Micaela of Belle De Jour Artistry, www.belledejourartistry.com
Hair: Desi Perna of Exquisite Bride, www.onsitebydesi.com
Dresses, accessories, shoes: The Left Bank, www.leftbankjewelry.com
Flowers: Fleur, www.fleurchicago.com


Introducing the Love Bike!

Introducing the Love Bike!


Ladies and gentleman… meet the latest addition to Maypole Studios Photography, the Love Bike!  Some of you may remember my post a couple of months ago about winning this very unique bicycle for two.  I have been meaning to use this wonderful bike in a photoshoot but due to inclimate weather things were rescheduled a number of times.  At last the photo shoot has been accomplished and is ready to share!  Not only did we have an adorable photo session in the park, complete with a picture-perfect picnic created by Beth Bernstein of SQN Events, but Jeremy of 3line9 created this amazing video.  So sit back and enjoy!
Photography: Bethany Fritz/Maypole Studios
Videography: Jeremy Bircher (assisted by Jaron Tauch)/3line9 productions
Stylist/Planner: Beth Bernstein (assisted by Ashley Crawford) /SQN Events
Flowers: Kelly Marie/Fleur
Hair/Makeup: Nika Vaughan/Nika Vaughan
Signage: Laura of Elizabeth Grace
Models: Andi Reich, David Diamond, The Love Bike

Here are some of the behind the scenes:
Jaron guarded the bike while we set things up.

Nika put the finishing touches on Andi’s hair.

Jeremy readied the cameras.

Ashley even loaned Andi her earrings.

And action!

Beth and Ashley set up the picnic.

The Crew.

Beth and Ashley took the bike for a spin around Wicker Park.

They were stopping traffic.

Jeremy showed off his longboard skills to get some shots from alongside.

Beth and Ashley are so cute!

What an awesome photo/video shoot! Huge thanks to all who helped put this together.


I won a contest!

I won a contest!

We can all easily admit that it feels great to win something, whether it be as small as a cup of coffee or as big as a car or house. I was recently informed that I won a contest I entered on Valentine’s day. I did not think I stood a chance to win, it was a national contest among wedding vendors sponsored by the lovely blog Mywedding.com. I was drawn to the quirkiness of the prize, and now that I have won it, I am realizing that it surpasses my first impression as a very unique and rare opportunity. So… drum roll please… I won a Love Bike! You may ask what is a love bike? It is an awesome, heart-shaped bike for two, even more romantic and cute than a classic tandem bike. The artist who created this bike (Eric Stellar) is know for his invention of the Conference Bike, he makes these wonderful contraptions in Amsterdam, and there are only 10 Love Bikes in the whole world! It turns out that I will be the second person in the United States to have a Love Bike, and there is a catch. In order to accept this prize, I am required to photograph a couple with the bike. I can certainly do that! Not only will this be a great prop for an engagement session, but how cute would it be for a bride and groom to pedal this thing around Chicago? Or what if I can talk my husband into riding it with me for this year’s “bike the drive”? The possibilities are endless. I say bring on the couples! Whether you’re a bride, groom, a client of mine or not, let me know if you might like to give the Love Bike a spin. And if you see me and my Love Bike around town, be sure to say hi!