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Monthly Archives: November 2010

Nicole & Adam are engaged!

Nicole & Adam are engaged!

When Nicole and Adam suggested we stroll around our Bucktown neighborhood for photos, I was all for it. Not only are they easy on the eyes and look like they stepped off the pages of a magazine, but they are fun loving and and super into each other. How easy is that? Cute couple? Check. Nice Fall afternoon? Check. Bicycles, swings, and cool urban locations? Check! Thank you both for being the lovable and attractive couple that you are, I think the results of our relaxed photo session say it all. Here are some of my favorites.

There should never be an age restriction to swings.

Feeling lucky.

I love bicycles!

These next 3 were inspired by the Dylan “The Freewheelin” album cover, great idea Adam!

Congrats you two, I am really looking forward to your wedding next year!


{Amandah+James: Wedding Slideshow}

{Amandah+James: Wedding Slideshow}

Amandah and James’ wedding photo slideshow:

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October 24, 2015


(slideshow music: Meghan Trainor feat. John Legend “Like I’m Gonna Lose You,” Ezra Vine “Celeste”)


Jessica & Brent are engaged!

Jessica & Brent are engaged!

These two are so cute in many different ways. She is petit, bubbly, sweet and super adorable. He is tall with sparkling blue eyes, and a bit reserved (although he wasn’t as excited about engagement photos as myself and Jessica, he humored us with perfect smiles and even a little PDA for our photo session). We warmed up with a few easy photos on their front steps, then the smiles got more and more natural, and the embraces lasted longer and longer, after all- they love each other! Jessica and Brent are a really charming couple, tender and oh so lovable. We had some fun starting at their place in Wicker Park, snapped a few photos with their little dog, and then ventured to Lincoln Park as the sun was setting. I had a great time hanging out with them. Great weather, beautiful surroundings, and an awesome couple, it just doesn’t get much better than this!

We found these great hearts just in time, they were painted over the next day. Aren’t they perfect?

Love this one!

So cute, I could just squeeze them!

Congrats Jessica and Brent, I can’t wait to celebrate your wedding with you next October!


Rachel & Jeremy are engaged!

Rachel & Jeremy are engaged!

Do I love love, and people in love? Yep and yep! These two are perfect- we met up at the Evanston Art center for photos on a beautiful day at twilight. I absolutely love their style, and their chemistry- wow! It was easy working with them, they seemed so natural in front of the lens, they knew when to embrace and Rachel knew exactly when to flash those awesome blue eyes right at me. Gorgeous! I had a blast with all of their ideas, from strolling along the beach, to riding bikes, rushing at a pile of leaves…. we even stumbled on to some appropriate graffiti. I am super excited about these photos and very happy to get to know these two, it was really difficult narrowing down my favorites! Thanks again Rachel and Jeremy for being so awesome, your wedding at Salvage One next year is going to be a blast!

Look at those eyes!


Bicycles+engagement photos= happiness.


Absolutely in love with this shot:

Congrats you two!


Molly & Marc, take two

Molly & Marc, take two

At the risk of showing favoritism, I had to share some more photos of Molly and Marc. When we first got together for their engagement photo session, the weather was not cooperating. We had wanted to accomplish not only some great shots of the two of them in their favorite neighborhood spots, but we had agreed to indulge Marc in creating a few photos that were sports related. I have two reasons for posting the results of our follow up session: one because they are just so dang cute, and two because I get asked all the time about what to wear and what to do for an engagement session. Can you wear jerseys from your favorite team? Absolutely! But rather than pose side by side with smiling faces (cheesy!), why not add some action? I think these photos are a perfect example of jerseys, a football, an awesome couple, and fun! Although us girls tend to be less sports inclined, Molly did a great job of throwing, catching, and even tackling. I absolutely love these photos, so by all means… bring on the jerseys, and go Bears!

Are you ready for some football?

Molly is ready to show off her skills.

What a great catch. Sports Illustrated feature perhaps?

Love this shot!

Thanks again you two, can’t wait to celebrate with you next year!


Holiday portraits for the family

Holiday portraits for the family

This year I am offering 3 days of holiday portraits at the awesome Black+White photography loft. Please email me if you would like to participate. Happy Holidays!