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Monthly Archives: January 2012

Marriage Mondays- You are what you eat

Marriage Mondays- You are what you eat

I still remember the lyrics to a song I was taught back in the 4th grade: “you are what you eat, from your head to your feet, so be sure to eat food that’s good for you…” Of course we all know we should eat our vegetables, try to buy organic and non-GMO, avoid the fast food (we all watched “super size me”, right?), etc. etc. Luckily we have many chefs and restaurants making the extra effort to not only introduce delicious ingredients to the masses, but also use local farms and local produce for their dishes. Even when shopping at Whole Foods you can’t see how the food was handled before you brought it home, how long it sat on a truck and how far it traveled, and much of that beautiful fruit was flown in from other countries (not much of a small carbon footprint when jumbo jets are involved). So why not get on board with the “farm to table” movement? Yes, the selection is smaller and dependent on what’s in season, but if the food gets to you faster because it’s local then it is fresher and better for you. As a wedding industry professional it’s awesome to see my favorite caterers abiding by these “farm to table” principles, working hard to offer creative and delicious menus while using local farmers and producers. One of these is Pure Kitchen Catering, they are amazing. With it being January I figured many of us are making resolutions to eat better and healthier so why not share some photos from a photo shoot I did with Pure Kitchen? I photographed a couple of their dishes, they created a lovely tabletop, and a few models posed for us too, all at Room 1520. (See below for details)

Fleur donated some flowers for the table…

Behind the scenes…

Desi was teasing some hair.

Micaela (make up) and the other girls gave some input.

And that photo was used for their full page ad in the 5th Anniversary edition of CS Brides- awesome!

Photoshoot for: Pure Kitchen Catering, www.purekitchencatering.com
All food prepared by Pure Kitchen Catering
Location: Room 1520, www.room1520.com

Photography by Bethany Fritz of Maypole Studios Photography
Makeup: Micaela of Belle De Jour Artistry, www.belledejourartistry.com
Hair: Desi Perna of Exquisite Bride, www.onsitebydesi.com
Dresses, accessories, shoes: The Left Bank, www.leftbankjewelry.com
Flowers: Fleur, www.fleurchicago.com


Danielle and Patrick are engaged!

Danielle and Patrick are engaged!

When Danielle first met Patrick, she saw beyond the stone-washed faded jeans and white tennis shoes, and instead focused on the cute smile and the fact that he kept making her laugh. Now he still makes her laugh (but his wardrobe has undergone a few adjustments). When you meet that special someone that makes you want to change for the better, to be the best version of yourself when you are with them, you have to hold on to them. Danielle and Patrick have been holding on, with many miles between them while they plan for their wedding and future together. A long distance relationship can be very hard, but every time that person steps off the plane for a visit, and scoops you up in their arms, you don’t have a single doubt about making the effort.

We met up for their engagement photos on a very cold day, Patrick had to fly back the next morning so there was no room for rescheduling. But we made the best of it, keeping warm in the adorable Fleur boutique in Logan Square and then heading down by the waterfront to brave the cold for some city photos. They are very easy on the eyes and easy to work with, we had a great time and I can’t wait to celebrate their wedding with them this year!

(Big thanks to the staff at Fleur for letting us stop in for some photos!)

Patrick is such a ham…

They made a shadow heart…

Love it!

Congrats Danielle and Patrick!


Make way for momma!

Make way for momma!

Now that I’m older, many of my friends (and family too) have not only found themselves in relationships, but they have jumped head first into parenthood. It’s fascinating to watch the transition… seeing bodies change, lifestyles are flipped upside down, and sleep deprivation puts relationships to the test. But there is no question that those little bitty additions to the family are loved beyond measure, just one smile from that tiny face can make all your troubles disappear. I met Jessica through our mutual friend Agnes (of the awesome Love Lulu Mae) a couple of years ago, and was super excited for her when I found out she was expecting. She is ultra cute and creative, with an amazing collection of all things vintage (including a collection of cameras that would make any photographer drool), and I knew that “maternity” photos with her would be anything but cheesy. We only had a short window of time before the sun set, we hung up all the adorable outfits given to her from friends, she made us cupcakes, modeled some of her vintage aprons, and it was all quite perfect. No draped sheets, no naked bosoms, just a happy momma surrounded by all the lovely things waiting to welcome the new baby. Thank you Jessica for being the wonderful you, and I simply can’t wait to meet your little girl Scout!

A lot of wonderful baby clothes to wash…

Jess has a great collection of aprons…

Barefoot and pregnant!


Sometimes the size difference is shocking.

Eating for two…

When you’re pregnant it’s ok to lick off all the icing.

Jessica actually had a pet duck when she was little, so this book is extra special.

As big as a bear?

You’re going to be the awesomest mom!


Chelly and Kyle are engaged

Chelly and Kyle are engaged

When Kyle spotted a sprightly red head walking across campus, he knew he had to find a way to meet her. He was persistent, and it paid off. Be ready for your cheeks to hurt from laughing when spending time with them, they keep the punches coming. Not only do they laugh and joke a lot, but sometimes they bust out their own little private dance party, or maybe a spontaneous stare down, there’s just no telling. The fact is that they always have fun together, they are a great team. We had a wonderful time hanging out around the park and the theater district, and Kyle’s second love even made an appearance (his car). I can’t wait to celebrate their wedding with them this summer!

Then it was time to meet the baby…

Chelly looks good in the mustang!

Dance party!

Still laughing…

Congrats Chelly and Kyle!


Marriage Mondays- Life’s Too Short

Marriage Mondays- Life’s Too Short

“There is more to life than increasing its speed.”
-Mahatma Gandhi

Happy 2012! With a new year comes new things, and although we all do our best to welcome change sometime’s it’s sad to see something go. With the end of 2011 I say goodbye to one of my favorite quirky Chicago locations, Life’s Too Short. This old bar-front had been closed for years, acquiring a nostalgia with all its peeling paint as well as additions from many of Chicago’s graffiti artists. The “true-love” street art on the neighboring fence was a great spot for engagement or wedding photos and made appearances on many photographer’s blogs. The whole facade has now been removed to make way for a new bar opening in its place. I look forward to finding new hidden gems rich with photographic opportunity in 2012, but every time I pass this intersection I will remember fondly the photos I have taken there. Although the colorful signs have been taken down, I will greet the new year with their messages: slow down because life’s too short, don’t be afraid to love someone so much it hurts, and always believe in true love. Happy New Year!
(here are a few photos I have taken there over the last 3 years)


Lindsay & Philip- engaged!

Lindsay & Philip- engaged!

Meeting one’s soulmate in a jewelry store seems highly unlikely, if not impossible, simply because most people only enter a jewelry store when looking for a gift for their special someone. Out of sheer coincidence, Philip let his associate go home early and went to the store himself to pick up jewelry they were using on a feature film he was assistant director to. He stayed to chat with the owner for a few minutes, just long enough to cross paths with Lindsay as she came in to have her grandmother’s ring repaired. He caught her eye and so she struck up a conversation. Had Philip’s assistant ran the errand as usual, or had he not stayed to talk with the owner, or if Lindsay had come in even a minute or two later, they would never have met. But fate had other plans for this beautiful couple, and now they are getting married! They were brave enough to endure cold temperatures after this year’s first snow, we headed to the Chicago Botanic Garden for our first photo session together and the results are lovely, rosy cheeks and all. Congrats Lindsay and Phil, I can’t wait to celebrate your wedding with you this summer! (special thanks to Lindsay’s sister for all her help)