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Monthly Archives: February 2012

Marriage Monday’s- Dig Deeper!

Marriage Monday’s- Dig Deeper!

One Life. One Love. One Body.

As many of our New Year’s resolutions melt away with the last of Winter’s snow, we hope a few good habits remain. Although I don’t think a life without wine, cheese, butter, or coffee (etc.) would be worth living, I still want to do right by this body… after all- it’s the only one I have and I should take good care of it. I will never be red-carpet material, my curves are here to stay, but it feels so great to push yourself to do better and make improvements. I have worked out off and on my whole life, but over the last 2 months I have remained committed to the daily “Insanity” routine, Shaun T is a regular presence in my living room and I probably spend more time with him and his very lean crew of guys and gals than I do with most of my friends (although I don’t shout obscenities at my friends nearly as much as I do to Shaun T). The results are great, but no- I will not be posting photos of myself in spandex for the ogling eyes of the internet (at least not yet). Taking care of ourselves is just as important as maintaining our relationships, we will make those around us happier if we are happy. I have found happiness in life, and am incredibly happy in love (married for 13 years- hells ya!), and I am getting happier with my body every day. There are no excuses for not doing your best, and it’s never to late to make a change (i.e. Tony Horton, creator of P90x, is 54 and is in the best shape of his life). As Shaun T likes to say, “dig deeper, you can do it!”


Introducing Baby Olivia!

Introducing Baby Olivia!

I love a good excuse for catching up with my brides and grooms, and when they welcome a new member to the family I am beyond thrilled to make a house call with my camera in hand. Matt and Sara are a stunning couple, and I knew baby Olivia was going to be an exceptionally beautiful baby… I was right! I am so in love with these photos, she is absolutely precious. I can’t wait to see her and the family again in a couple of months for some more photos. Congrats Sara and Matt!

Sara had this chair in her room when she was a little girl…

Giselle wanted to check in on baby Olivia…

Goodnight baby Olivia, I will see you again soon!


Pran & Josh- engaged!

Pran & Josh- engaged!

When Josh approached Pran at a friend’s party, he must have made a good impression. Instead of awkward small talk, they got along swimmingly, and Pran didn’t hesitate to share her digits. They met for dinner the very next weekend and things took off. Their adventure together has taken them on trips all over Europe and even moving to a brand new city- Chicago! Even though Chicago is a fresh start, with friends and family a few states away, they are excited to make this their wedding location and new home. They braved some very cold temperatures for our fun engagement session (luckily the Lincoln Park conservatory is a warm place to start). Then we headed over to the water front for city views and a walk in the snow, and then warmed up again at the Chicago Cultural Center. Josh did an excellent job keeping Pran smiling and laughing, and they both endured cold ears and noses for the sake of some great photos- I can’t wait to celebrate their wedding with them this Fall!

Josh’s ears were getting so cold!

Save the date…

Pran made this super cute sign with their wedding date for our photo session.

Snow love!

Congrats Josh and Pran!