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Spread the love (by Bethany Fritz)

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I like photography…

…if you like … retro, live music, candlelight, fresh herbs, black and white photos, documentaries, world travel, good wine, microbrews, sunsets, colorful socks, literature, fireplaces, fresh-brewed coffee, yard sale cameras, thrift stores, organic, soy milk, passion, sleep, beaches, mountains, farms, late night dinners, throw rugs, cats purring, breakfast in bed, open windows, natural, heirloom tomatoes, manchego cheese, guitars, ipods, haircolor, scarves, brooches, vintage, bike riding, train rides, polaroids, stationary, laughter, wagging dog tails, lanterns, antiques, romance… (any or all of the above) we should talk.

If you are getting married and are interested in having me photograph the moments, look me up and let’s meet for a drink and a chat. Let’s do something different… hold-your-breath-kind-of-different, and totally love-inspired.

Contact: bethany@maypolestudios.com


Happy New Year! Congrats to all of you newly-engaged couples! There are lots of new things in store for Maypole Studios, including a shiny new website. Be sure to check back later this month for a brand new update!



BTW, did I mention I own a love bike? (come visit me at my studio and take it for a spin!)

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