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Marriage Mondays- Baby It’s Cold Outside

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It is so exciting to watch your friend’s business succeed. As the photographer in the mix, I most often get to be the one to document it all, or even help create the photos for their catalog of products. My friend Laura moved to Beaver Island Michigan to be with her boyfriend Mark, and they have a great little business in furs. I realize many of you may not be prone to wearing a coyote or fox fur hat during the winter, but let me tell you that it is not only the warmest way to brave the cold Chicago winds, but this is also a necessary product of this island. This is an area where you must hunt the local beavers, fox, and coyotes in order to control the animal populations, so why not make every bit of use of the animals? These hats, scarves, gloves, boot warmers, and ear muffs are made with care, all by hand, and all from locally trapped animals that roam Beaver Island in plenty. Mark and Laura work hard to bring their craftsmanship to each piece, resulting in beautiful fur wares. They are selling their products through Etsy, you can visit their website here:

Flat Tail Furs

Congrats Laura and Mark for continuing to create beautiful and natural products! So put on your mittens and your fur hats because “baby it’s cold outside!”


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