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Kaitlyn+Adam- Officially Wed!

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What’s better than one wedding? Two! After a courthouse wedding last year, this one was the “real” wedding for Kaitlyn and Adam and no detail was overlooked. Whether it was the influence of wedding blogs or various magazines (or just great taste), Kaitlyn combined all the best ideas for a wedding into the ultimate celebration, with the help of friends and LOLA events (and some beautiful weather from mother nature). This day was picture perfect… everyone sipped on Autumn punch, listened to the live music provided by The Mudflapps, then gathered for a gorgeous ceremony under a beautiful hand-knit Chuppah. And the bride and groom looked amazing, a perfect blend of casual and elegant. So much time and TLC went into every detail, even their dog Toby was brought along to be the ring bearer. This wedding is sure to turn a lot of heads! Congrats Kaitlyn and Adam, may two weddings mean twice the love (for Toby too!). (all photos by Jamie Hartley and Tuan Bui, for Maypole Studios Photography)

Toby posed with the wedding party.

But then he needed to run…

Beautiful hand-knit chuppah by their friend Chris.

Adam has great dog-whispering skills…

But Toby wasn’t budging!

Kaitlyn’s dad carried him down the aisle to make way for the bride.

Adorable box lunches by FIG catering.

Bluegrass music by the Mudflapps…


Photographers: Jamie Hartley and Tuan Bui for Maypole Studios photography

Hair and makeup: Hair: Jack at Mops Beauty Shop in Logan Square, make-up was by my sister Rebecca
Florist: Flowers were by our coordinator, Brittanie Ahrens, and my friend Chris Wojdak
Ceremony location: Shores of Turtle Creek
Reception location: Shores of Turtle Creek
Event Planner: Brittanie Ahrens of LOLA Event Productions
Officiant: Rebecca Incledon & Rebecca Thal, friends of ours
Caterer: FIG Catering
Dress: Ivy & Aster, with heavy, heavy alteration and much credit to Julia Needlman
Accessories: birdcage veiling by Preston & Olivia, though it was so windy it didn’t spend much time on my head. The only other accessories I had were pearls handed down from my grandmother.
**And really, let’s talk about Adam’s outfit, because it was fabulous and outshone me in every way (even though I get all the credit for it, since I picked it out). He was entirely decked out in J.Crew: brown tweed suit with vest, green gingham check shirt, tweed tie, with Camper boots. My boots were from Anthropologie last season, and I basically built the whole outfit (okay, hell, the whole wedding) around them because I love them so, so much.

DJ/Band: The Mudflapps, a local Chicago bluegrass band

Q&A with the bride:

What was the most memorable moment of your day?
Kaitlyn: Jewish wedding ceremonies involve drinking wine from the “cup of life.” Being huge beer nerds, Adam and I selected the Bruery first-anniversary Papier from our cellar to use for the ceremony instead. When we were handed the cup, however, we found GINGER BEER in it, and our fancy priceless bottle had gone missing. Ginger beer isn’t even alcoholic, so that wasn’t going to work at all. We sent a friend to go and retrieve the beer we’d brought for the ceremony, dumped the ginger beer, and just did that part over again when he returned, Papier in hand.

What was your favorite detail?
Kaitlyn: Our chuppah, which was lovingly, tirelessly hand-knit by our friend Chris.

Funniest memory from your wedding day?
Kaitlyn: Ah, probably seeing Toby Speedboat bound back towards my dad and I when he was supposed to have gone down the aisle with Adam. What a trouble-maker!

Any advice for future brides/grooms?
Kaitlyn: Just… relax. Maybe Xanax will help. Most things will probably go wrong, or might not be how you envisioned them, but your friends and family will never notice and eventually you’ll forget about it.

If you could do it all over, would you change anything?
Kaitlyn: Of course. But no, because there is no way we’re doing this again.

Where did you go on your honeymoon?
Kaitlyn: We haven’t gone yet! We decided to put our honeymoon off until March, when Adam turns 30, so we could enjoy autumn in Chicago and make an escape when we’re too tired of winter to carry on. Our travel plans will be taking us to Tahiti, Moorea, New Zealand, and South Australia. We’ll lounge on the beaches of French Polynesia, backpack through Fiordlands in New Zealand, see some of Australia’s oldest fossils, and cozy up in a cabin on Kangaroo Island to watch wildlife.

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