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Danielle & Sona- Love in Color

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“You make my heart see color…” -Barcelona

Danielle and Sona are wonderful, for more than just the obvious reasons. They are adorable together, balancing the tender moments with lots of laughter. They share a strong love for animals (bunnies cats, dogs, you name it- they’ve got it!), they support each other thoroughly, and after many years together they are excited to take the next step- marriage! It is such a pleasure to be around them, and Danielle is also a super talented photographer- extra bonus for me! She had a vision for their engagement session, from the clothes to the locations, and the results are beyond cute. Although I can’t take the credit for the details, I am so pleased with these photos and could stare at them for hours. I am so flattered to be documenting these two- and I can’t wait for their wedding next month! (Check out Danielle’s amazing work: www.danielleaquilinephotography.com)

It was raining out but that didn’t stop us from visiting the Bunny Hutch for some colorful and quirky backdrops.

Etsy goodness!

Love these colors.

Everyone loves a photo booth…

Love, love, love!

Danielle and Sona made some confetti for our photo shoot…

Time for some well deserved ice cream!

Congrats Sona and Danielle!

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