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Tess Grove+ Nate Daugherty

Tess and Nate- You know you love it!

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I have the best job… I spend my time getting to know truly amazing couples like Tess and Nate. I know it sounds cheesy, but sometimes I fall in love with my clients. It’s so exciting to see two people who love each other so much, and whose joy is contagious. Tess and Nate had me at “hello,” just kidding but I was pretty sure after our first meeting which lasted 3 plus hours that I not only HAD to photograph their wedding but I wanted to hang out with them as a friend and as a photographer. They laugh all the time, about everything, in fact it would be hard to imagine them unhappy in any situation. They light up a room, and their engagement session was no exception. The time flew by, we had a blast and I can not wait for another excuse to spend time with these two. Congrats Tess and Nate!

Mad nice…


Then we headed uptown to visit the giant noodle and the Chicago Cub’s stadium…

Rules are made to be broken… (such rebels!)

A well placed Lichtenstein.


My favorite.

Then we played around with a couple of night shots.

Thanks again Tess and Nate for a wonderful afternoon and evening, I can’t wait for your wedding!

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