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Marriage Mondays- Instagram… why not?

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Come on in, the water’s fine. Sometimes you think you hate something, you build up a wall against it, and then that wall slowly comes down and you realize the thing you disliked is actually pretty cool. I had been anti-phone photography for quite some time, seeing all the low-res photos uploaded to Facebook every day by the dozens, with special filters and coloring that resemble the classic Holga and Diana made me cringe. I was also troubled because I thought the more people embraced these snapshots the less they would appreciate the high quality images produced by “real” cameras such as my own. So dramatic! It turns out there is no threat, in fact it’s great that people are documenting life’s little moments all the more because of this wonderful convenience, and I actually like a lot of the Instagram features including the manipulation of depth of field (who knew an iPhone could mimic a tilt shift lens?). Yes, I admit the abundance of food photos as well as just-plain-out-of-focus photos are still irking me, but life goes by so very fast so why not snatch up some of the moments we so badly don’t want to forget? In the time it takes me to run inside and grab my camera, switch out the lens and re-format the memory card I could keep sitting by the fire, take another sip of wine, and snap a photo with my phone. Why not? Instagram… I think I kinda like you, let’s be friends.

A photo of me taking a photo and uploading it to Instagram at Lila and Jeremy’s wedding.

A medley of favorites…

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