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Kristine Whittler+Steve Petersen

Kristine + Steve- Love and Peppermint Lattes

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Kristine and Steve are really special, they treasure each other immensely and the time spent with one another. It seems fitting that when Steve prepared to ask Kristine to marry him, he wanted to go above and beyond. He had been very creative with their first date, so this had to be really great… when Kristine went to her favorite coffee shop for her usual peppermint latte the barista was ready to hand her the first clue of an elaborate treasure hunt Steve had put together. But for some reason she didn’t order a peppermint latte that day, and was confused when they kept insisting she have one. Luckily she took the cup and started the hunt that lead all over the city, and she found wonderful treasure… Steve patiently waiting on one knee with a gorgeous sparkling ring! They are a beautiful couple and I was super excited to take some photos with them. We started at the movie theater for some popcorn and then made our way to the North Ave beach as the sun was setting. Congrats Kristine and Steve, I can’t wait for your wedding!


They could hardly contain their excitement!

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