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Kristy & Matt- Volleyball and Anniversary Cake

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Kristy and Matt met in college while playing together on a volleyball team. After being friends for quite some time, Matt asked her out on a real “date.” They stopped by the delicious Annette’s Italian Ice in Lincoln Park to start things off, Matt must have seen the foreshadowing when Kristy ordered the “anniversary cake.” When Kristy left for France to study abroad not only did Matt come and visit, but he proposed to her in Paris! Two beautiful people in a beautiful place, complete with champagne and celebrating… it doesn’t get better than that! It seemed only fitting to start our photo shoot off with some ice cream, and then we headed over to the harbor for some great photos by the water. I had so much fun capturing all their laughter and Kristy’s killer smile, I can’t wait to celebrate their wedding in April and create more “magic!”

Love it!

They showed off their excitement with an energetic jump!


Kristy has amazing eyes!

Congrats Kristy and Matt, see you in a few months!

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