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Elizabeth & Karl, on-stage romance

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I love a good story, and these two have quite a doozy. Imagine two actors being cast as man and wife in a play, and then playing the same husband/wife roles in another play, and another… talk about foreshadowing! Maybe the directors saw something they didn’t, and finally Karl made a move and they gave everyone something to talk about. Their chemistry together is even more potent off-stage, they seem perfectly at home in each other’s arms. We had an excellent evening together strolling through the park as the sun was setting and then on to downtown, they were willing to do just about anything (I love that!), including climb up onto one of my favorite bridges. The photos say it all- Liz and Karl are awesome!

A new take on a well-known location…

They showed off some of their amazing dancing skills…

Pure and simple WOW!

Comfortable in each other’s arms, even in a crazy location.

Congrats Liz and Karl, keep singing in the rain!

ps…. does Karl look familiar? You probably remember him from this great AT&T commercial:


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