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Ilene and Ben- engaged!

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Ben is a talented musician and plays with several bands around Chicago. One particular gig was for a group of dancers…ooh lala! As he was playing his trombone (and no that is not a euphemism for something else!), he spotted a pretty lady taking the stage. As she performed he couldn’t take his eyes off of her, he was staring at her more than the sheet music in front of him. Knowing only her stage name he tried to find a way to meet her (like something out of a movie!). Luckily she was intrigued and a date was set. Ben had found his muse!
That’s where I come in… we went to many of their first date spots for their engagement session. They have great taste from Coast Sushi to Danny’s, to West Town bakery. We did it all and I could not have had more fun. I know I can’t have “favorites” (and I truly do love all the wonderful couples I work with), but Ben and Ilene really get me going! I loved our music chats and their chemistry together was terrific, so much fun to photograph. Congrats Ben and Ilene, and I can’t wait for your wedding next year!

I have always wanted to take photos here, the wall colors are terrific (Coast Sushi).

And then a stop at the hipster-yet-oh-so-cool Danny’s… a perfectly dark-lit bar with great beers and cocktails. Love it!

My new favorite spot!

Ben gave Ilene a quick music lesson…

Uh oh- looks like that lipstick left a mark.

A little serenade…

His two favorite things…

Then they made some funny faces in front of the funny faces…

They were really good at being playful so I asked them to give me a few twirls.

Our Wicker Park adventure wouldn’t be complete without a visit to Reckless Records…

And then on to the bakery (formerly Bleeding Heart Bakery), where they went the day Ben proposed.

Ben showed us one of his talents (Ilene’s first time seeing this stunt)… juggling!

Ilene caught the fly-away cake ball!

A little twilight romance…

Thank you Ben and Ilene, you’re the best!

ps… Ilene rocked a Stop Staring dress and Fleuvog shoes for this shoot- a girl after my own heart!

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