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Sandy & Corey- engaged!

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Whether it was the after-hours beer or the life size Jenga, their post-work gatherings offered more than just good times with friends. Sandy and Corey both found their life long drinking buddies! I am so glad that I met these two (through mutual friends/clients- the awesome Leah and Shawn), you could say after three hours of hanging out at Silver Cloud that we have a good connection, we could talk for ages about TV, movies, and their cute doggies. They brought along their little furry babies as we spent some time in Wicker Park, we lucked out with a few trees still clinging to their Fall leaves. We had a blast around our neighborhood, and then headed to Lincoln Park for some more greenery. Now I just need to come up with some excuses to see these two a few more times before the wedding!

True Love!

Corey makes Sandy laugh…

The Big Star…

We were feeling hipster.


So cute!

Congrats Sandy and Corey, I can’t wait to celebrate with you next year!

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