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Kate and Jimmy

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These two have found the winning ticket! Not only were they troopers to venture out on a very cold day for our engagement session, but they politely ignored the pockets-full of tissues and various ugly flu-symptoms that I was suffering that day. I was running a fever and was barely able to talk to them without erupting into a fit of coughs, I can’t believe they didn’t run screaming in the opposite direction! Due to our crazy schedules this was the only day we could get together, and my very big soft spot for these two got me out of bed and on the streets of downtown Chicago. Kate and Jimmy are adorable, and I was thrilled to photograph them no matter how I was feeling (I had been looking forward to this since we first met). Kate and I had started corresponding via email before I realized she was a bridesmaid in one of my weddings (I owe Amy and Brandon a huge thank you for introducing us!), I was able to see them in full party mode (it turns out Jimmy has some serious dance moves), and even photographed Kate’s nephew before ever taking pictures of the two of them! We got together over the holidays, the lights everywhere really gave the city a magical look. To warm up we ended our session at the very swanky Crimson Lounge, they gave me whisky and then sent me on my way. Whether I was delirious from my fever or from the company of these two, there is no doubt that they are a great pair. I had a blast spending time with them and can’t wait to celebrate their wedding later this year!

I love the backdrop of the Northwestern law school even in the winter.

And then the perfect un-planned photo prop- Santa giving out hugs!

Free hugs for these two!

I couldn’t resist asking Jimmy to swing Kate around, their size difference is the cutest thing ever!

I love these, the sky was so moody as the sun was setting.


Thanks Kate and Jimmy for an amazing photo session!

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