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Baby Five Grain

Baby Fivegrain!

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If you have ever had the pleasure of meeting Joan Cinquegrani you know that she is amazing, sweet, and oh-so adorable! I first caught site of her expanding belly at the Toast and Jam holiday party back in 2011 and was so thrilled for her. 4 months later she gave birth to a GORGEOUS baby girl. Allegra is beyond cute, with a dimpled smile and long eyelashes. She is just as pretty as her mom, and you can imagine how many of us photographers have been fighting over a chance to photograph this little cookie! A few of us signed up for each 3 month segment of her first year, my turn finally rolled around at 9 months. It was cold out but we were able to capture some great shots in a nearby park. She is such a doll, there was no need for a fancy backdrop to showcase this pumpkin. Many thanks to Joan (and Pat too) for letting me spend time with her little girl, I am smitten!

So sweet.

What a face!

So strong!

Thank you Baby Allegra!

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