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Caitlin & Patrick

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Caitlin is a beautiful girl, blessed with grace and intelligence (she passed the bar exam in both the US and Canada!). When she met a tall, handsome boy from Toronto with just the right amount of shyness (and super smart too!), everything clicked. They are a great pair, and friends and family came from all over to celebrate their wedding. All the details were just right, even the autumn sunlight as we took photos was perfect, resulting in some of the most stunning photos ever (I’m so in love with the photos we took at the Agora installation!). With so much on her plate including moving to Canada, Caitlin still managed to teach the entire bridal party a surprise Thriller/Gangnam Style dance via email, it was the ultimate way to start off the dance party! I can honestly say that their friends and family were some of the nicest and most thoughtful people I have worked with, it was such a pleasure to be a part of this wedding (Not to mention being at one my favorite venues, Cafe Brauer).

The bridal party was playing it cool in their Ray-Bans…

They couldn’t keep straight faces!

The guys were showing off their awesome tailor-made suits…

Love this!

Back to Cafe Brauer for the ceremony!


The father-daughter dance got the tears flowing…

Then the bridal party surprised everyone with a special dance.

Party time!


Congratulations Caitlin and Patrick, may you never be afraid to put on your sunglasses and dance in a room full of people!

Second photographer: Jamie Hartley

Hair and makeup: Kim Piech
Florist: Kloeckner Flowers (Mark Weber)
Ceremony location: Cafe Brauer
Reception location: Cafe Brauer
Event Planner: me
Officiant: Rev. Roy Frye
Cake: Cake (formerly Take the Cake)
Caterer: Blue Plate (Ken Severin)
Dress: J.Crew
Accessories: necklace was my brother’s girlfriend’s grandmother’s (the “borrowed” item), shoes were Nina, hair clip was from Etsy vendor “Treasures”

DJ/Band: Laura Jellum from Toast & Jam;   Dolce Strings string trio for ceremony
First Dance: You Are The Best Thing, Ray Lamontagne
Father/daughter: I Loved Her First, Heartland

Q&A with the bride:
What was the most memorable moment of your day?
Caitlin: Walking down the aisle with my dad as the string trio played his favorite song that I used to play on the piano when I was young (Ashokan Farewell) and seeing all of my family and friends’ smiling faces.

What was your favorite detail?
Caitlin: The caterer (Ken Severin at Blue Plate) and the florist (Mark Weber at Kloeckner flowers) both did such an amazing job listening to all of the details I wanted and bringing them to life. Even the restroom was decorated nicely! I really can’t pick one specific thing.

Funniest memory from your wedding day?
Caitlin: Rehearsing our surprise “Thriller”/”Gangnam Style” dance with the bridal party at Cafe Brauer before the wedding with all the waitstaff there setting up looking at us like we were crazy.

Any advice for future brides/grooms?
Caitlin: Weddings are expennnnnnsive! Really ask yourself if you can do it and do it right with no regrets. I was lucky enough to have my wonderful and generous parents pay for basically everything. If we hadn’t had them, the amazing wedding we had where everyone had a great time and really enjoyed themselves wouldn’t have been possible.

If you could do it all over, would you change anything?
Caitlin: I personally never wanted a wedding, so going to the local courthouse and out to a nice celebratory dinner with family and friends would have been just fine by me…..but my parents never would have let me *not have one, so moot point ;)

Where did you go on your honeymoon?
Caitlin: We went to Antigua for a week in January!

Feel free to add anything you think is worth mentioning…
Caitlin: Patrick and I loved Bethany and her work from the moment we met her, and especially after the engagement photo session. The wedding day was so enjoyable with her and Jamie (the second photographer) there for all of it. The bridal party and all the wedding guests felt very comfortable around them and that’s when the best shots are possible. I’d recommend her to anyone for any event or just fun photo shoots!

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