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103 stories in the air….

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This surprise proposal took place at the amazing skydeck in the Willis Tower, shortly after closing. Not only did Bill arrange this all the way from California, but Jessie had no idea that their Chicago “tour” would lead to Bill standing in a window 103 stories up with a ring in his pocket! Obviously I was hiding, and it was dark… so in order to remain incognito I decided to shoot most of this with available light (resulting in some very cool silhouettes). I am so glad Bill contacted me to capture such a special event, truly awesome!

She said yes!

The Metropolitan Club catered a private dinner for two on the sky deck…

Congrats Jessie and Bill!

(by the way, this is my second time photographing a proposal. The first was in a helicopter! Maybe a hot air balloon will be next… for now you can check out the twilight helicopter ride here: Saba/Ibrahim proposal in the sky)

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