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Vanessa-Micah 013

{Vanessa+Micah: Library Love}

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Vanessa and Micah are true sweethearts, they met at DePaul a few years back and have been side by side ever since. Their college years meant LOTs of studying, balanced out with aggressive games of Connect Four and walks around campus. Even now, being a few hours away from each other as Micah finishes law school, they are the best of friends. We decided to meet where it all began, the cold weather didn’t bother us as we spent time in the DePaul library. Vanessa had some great ideas, and even brought her own books from home to make the photos a true reflection of their relationship. It couldn’t have been a better evening spent with such a charming couple, I can’t wait for their wedding this summer!

These giant windows were a great spot for a little study session.

Connect Four save-the-date, LOVE it!

Their special high-five…

Congrats Vanessa and Micah!

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