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Some say love is like a boomerang, it keeps coming back to where it started. Rachel and David knew each other all the way through High School and College but never let things stray from being just friends. A year after college they both found themselves in Colorado and decided to start dating. Unfortunately David’s job transferred him 6 hours away, but two years later they found themselves reunited yet again. Even with all the twists and turns, moves, and job changes, it turns out being together was inevitable. And look how great they are! We braved some chilly weather and even snow flurries on their last visit to Chicago for their engagement session, it was a blast! When things got too cold, we went to the fantastic Map Room for a beer (also great for photos), and then ducked back outside just before sunset. These two are fabulous company and I can not wait for their wedding next week at the Planetarium, congrats Rachel and David!

So cute!

Then a quick stop at Le Colombe for a delicious cup of coffee and tea.

And another indoor location, the awesome Map Room (over 200 brands of beer!).

Lookin’ good!

David’s head was cold…

Congrats Rachel and David, see you soon!

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