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You …

are a hopeless romantic and can’t wait to marry your best friend. You want your wedding to be a celebration, non-traditional and definitely not cookie cutter. You want your friends and family to remember your wedding as unique and fun, because that’s what you are. You want a photographer that can take a magazine-worthy photo of your bouquet and details as well as capture the moment that the dance floor erupts into total chaos. You would love your photos to tell the story of your wedding day so you can re-live the moments again and again. You want your photographer to “get” you, and create photos that show off the awesome couple that you are. And guess what? It’s all about the two of you, and that’s exactly what I aim to capture.



I ….

could eat heirloom tomatoes and avocados every day without growing tired of them. I have a passion for vintage dresses, I love shopping for power tools as much as I love shopping for clothes or shoes. I have a soft spot for Russian literature, but I still enjoy reading a home decor magazine from cover to cover. I am a collector of candles and love the smell of a roaring fireplace in the winter. I love snow but Fall is my favorite season. I would die without music. I try to add at least one new stamp to my passport each year. I like trying new hair colors (blond, brunette, red… my license is rarely accurate), and I love colorful socks. Ideal evening out? Great food and wine in a cozy restaurant, in good company. I love being married and absolutely love being a wedding photographer. Fun fact- I didn’t have a wedding photographer! My husband and I eloped well before I knew anything about the world of weddings (17 years ago, ask me about it sometime), but the few photos we do have from that day evoke dozens of memories. How incredible that I get to give that gift to all of the couples I work with!! I believe in marriage equality because love doesn’t have rules. I look forward to creating friendships with my couples (let’s go get a beer) as well as making beautiful pictures together. “Wedding photographer” may not have been on the list of things I wanted to be when I grow up (Gorilla trainer never quite panned out), but if I could do it all over again I would want to be exactly where I am now.